is done mostly as integral part of teaching art. With children we use stop-motion technique. It offers the most direct way to give statues, paintings and drawings the quality of movement and the dimension of time. A kind of magical transformation into motion, giving “life” to still images. Which adds to creation quality, excitement and attachment. On the way children aquainte themselves with the basics of film language: impression of a movement, transition between sequences as a building blocks of a story and with the planning of the movements and sequences in order to construct the story.


-Sperm Whale,
-Elephants and Rhinos

were created as a part of LICE (Art Education Centre) program at the Miklova hiša Gallery in Ribnica.

-Movement in Drawing,
-Prehistory; The Lion Story,
-Prehistory; the Stag

were also created as a part of LICE (Art Education Centre), in collaboration with co-mentor Andreja Gorjanc.

-Into the Prehistory,
-A Summer Sculpture Story,
-An Automn Sculpture Story
-Pumpkin Festival in Pumpkin Village

were created in collaboration with Katja Oblak as a part of KipiGibi workshops for children. Which were held in Srečišče Gallery, Ljubljana and supported by KUD Sestava, except for the Pumpkin Village which was supported by The Avšič's Farm Pumpkin Festival (Ljubljana).

The KipiGibi channel:

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